A Primary Prevention Advocate’s Rant

Look at this kid. Look at them. They need your help, and badly. We are not prioritizing the prevention of harm. We react to it. We wait until kids are crying to do anything about it. When it comes to child sexual abuse, this is not good enough. There are a lot of attacks on … Continue reading A Primary Prevention Advocate’s Rant


Index Of Stories

With every story I write, the goal is to end child sexual abuse before it can happen by informing you of why and how it happens, so you can take preventative measures. Medium is unique, in that you can see everything I contribute with my profile page, but that does not separate responses, so here … Continue reading Index Of Stories

Kare 11’s Botched Investigations Into Sex Offenders

To anyone living in Minnesota, Kare 11 is a household name in news. They are largely a reputable company with many investigations and news articles under their belt. However, a recent investigation into sex offenders this past February, and the follow-up to that investigation, should appall you. Why? Because their investigation not only was extremely … Continue reading Kare 11’s Botched Investigations Into Sex Offenders

Does Sex Offender Registration Help Prevention?

  Sex offender registration. If you did not already know this, the United States, Canada, and a few other countries (some in the UK, if memory serves) register, track, supervise, and in some cases, notify the public about “sex offenders” living in their midst. These public policies are touted as the end-all solution to keeping … Continue reading Does Sex Offender Registration Help Prevention?