A Primary Prevention Advocate’s Rant

Look at this kid. Look at them. They need your help, and badly. We are not prioritizing the prevention of harm. We react to it. We wait until kids are crying to do anything about it. When it comes to child sexual abuse, this is not good enough. There are a lot of attacks on … Continue reading A Primary Prevention Advocate’s Rant

Censorship Of Sex Abuse Preventionists

What would you say if you found out that a platform dedicated to letting people tell their stories suddenly... shut down stories because of who was telling them? What would you say if you found out that Medium, a publication dedicated to people telling their stories from all angles and political affiliations, silenced the voice … Continue reading Censorship Of Sex Abuse Preventionists

The Complexities Of A Pedophile Coming Out

Many times, pedophiles have a huge fear around coming out as a pedophile to friends and loved ones. Many of us have heard the horror stories: Pedophiles getting outed, kicked out of the house, losing jobs, friends, family, even committing suicide. So, we must ask the question… What Do Most Coming Outs Look Like? Absolutely nothing … Continue reading The Complexities Of A Pedophile Coming Out