Twitter’s Hate Groups Harass Jack Dorsey

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, the hate groups of Twitter – fake Anonymous goons, “pedophile hunters” (read: vigilantes) who call themselves dragons, and a bunch of Owen Benjamin sycophants called the unbearables – are tired of being censored for their hatred and TOS violations. Now, before I go too far into this, let us review a vitally important piece of information:

Hate policy

Twitter is very clear: Using your voice to shame, degrade, or trying to silence the free speech of someone else is a no-no. So let us expose this hypocrisy for what it is, shall we? The aforementioned groups seem to believe that Twitter allows child molesters to run amok on their platform, which is absolutely not the truth.

I have reported several accounts hosting child sexual exploitation material, to see the accounts suspended within 24 hours, sent to me by like-minded preventionists who hate the idea of children being sexually abused. So I know from firsthand experience that if the material is truly a violation of the law, Twitter acts immediately to pass on the information to law enforcement and removes the content as quickly as they are able.

Take a look at some of their comments:


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Can anyone realistically say that these accounts are exercising free speech in a way that does not attempt to silence the voices of others? Of course not. I can also confirm that the dragon and anonymous goons in particular have posted links, lists, tweets, and accounts that post suspected child pornography, distributing it in their quest to have it removed, which is not only a violation of the law, it is harming the very children they want to protect. I myself could be in violation of the law if I posted screenshots to prove this.

These groups mainly use these hashtags:



These groups have been on Twitter for some time, and have been suspended many times:


They are hoping that another harassment campaign against Jack Dorsey will make Jack cave to their harassment, amid a smear campaign of lies, threats, and intimidation. I very much doubt Jack will cave to these wannabe gang members, nor should he.

Jack is unpopular with these popularity-hungry hate groups for letting people like me, a pedophile, post on his platform. Just that word alone is enough to make most people shut their brains off, but before you do, consider this: Pedophile or not, I am very committed to keeping children safe from the harm that child sexual abuse and exploitation causes them. No child deserves to be abused. Twitter has already faced the decision of whether to allow us before, and the experts in child protection seem to make that very clear: We should be allowed. Twitter at that point restored two accounts that had been suspended despite no violation of the rules.

Not only are these groups spreading hate, lies, and slander, they are also spreading conspiracy theories like qanon and pizzagate, which assume the government is involved in the sexual abuse of children and covering it up:


Jack is not the only person being harassed like this either. Anyone who supports an opinion that these groups do not like becomes a target:


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These groups also have a group chat where they share information and hatred towards non-offending, anti-contact pedophiles (these were sent by an ex-anti who switched sides):


In other words, they want to take down those they disagree with and silence their free speech. No matter what you might think of the idea of a non-offending pedophile, their entire premise is that pedophiles should be allowed to seek professional or peer help without severe stigma or repercussions like being outed to their community so that we do not harm children.

If Twitter stands by its policies, they will find and suspend each and every member engaging in this slander, and make it utterly clear that their egregious violations of Twitter’s terms will not go unanswered. I would also expect them to report the particularly notorious offenders to law enforcement and hand over their information. Free speech has its place. Using that speech to intimidate others into silencing theirs is not acceptable in a civilized society.

2 thoughts on “Twitter’s Hate Groups Harass Jack Dorsey

  1. Absolutely right! These haters are all personality and/or psychotically disordered individuals who also have no legal clearing to view, distribute and publish child exploitation/abuse images.


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