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With every story I write, the goal is to end child sexual abuse before it can happen by informing you of why and how it happens, so you can take preventative measures.

Medium is unique, in that you can see everything I contribute with my profile page, but that does not separate responses, so here is an index.

1. The Boy Who Was Abused

This is about my experience as a victim of child sexual abuse, and what I learned from it. It is not graphic, but may be triggering to some people.

2. Three Modes Of Prevention: Which One Works For Child Sexual Abuse?

This describes the public health model of prevention, and which tactics work with eliminating child sexual abuse. Which mode do you think we currently use?

3. Why Pedophilia And Pedophiles Are Not A Risk To Children

This overviews an illustration for the common person to understand what pedophilia is, and who pedophiles are. It is an exercise to demonstrate that pedophiles, those attracted to children, deserve more credit than you think.

4. What You Do Not Know About Pedophiles Could Spare Children Sexual Abuse

This illustrates what causes child sexual abuse, what a pedophile is, and how that knowledge is helpful to ending child sexual abuse. Do you know the facts?

5. Is Pedophilia A Sexual Orientation?

This asks the question… what is pedophilia, and is it a sexual orientation? What does it mean if it is a sexual orientation, and how does that apply to preventing child sexual abuse?

6. Can Pedophilia Be Changed? The Scientific Community Says…

This is an analysis of Paul Federoff’s research into pedophilia and whether it can be changed or eliminated.

7. How Someone Becomes A Pedophile

Just what the title says, a look at the process through which an otherwise neurotypical human being becomes a pedophile. Some elements may surprise you.

8. My Experience With Sexual Abuse… And Pedophilia

Here, I share that I was sexually abused and developed a sexual attraction to children during puberty. I also share my thoughts on why I will never abuse a child.

9. Adam Lanza, Aspergers, And Pedophilia

Here, I discuss what it is like to realize you share traits in common with a mass shooter and the stigma it can bring, and that Adam Lanza most likely did not have pedophilia.

10. Does Sex Offender Registration Help Prevention?

I took a look at some of the studies around sex offender recidivism, the laws that are in place, and what effect they have to answer this very question. Do we need to improve our policies around this issue? You decide.

11. Why I Oppose Sex Offender Laws

I break down why I investigated this issue, what I found when I looked into our sex offender laws, and how I feel about the people who sexually abused me. The results may surprise you.

12. Kare 11’s Botched Investigation Into Sex Offenders

This is an analysis of Kare 11’s reporting on the subject of “secret sex offenders,” or offenders who received a stay of imposition/adjudication as part of their criminal sentence. Unfortunately, Kare 11 did not look at all of the facts, and in doing so, they botched their investigation. Find out why.

13. Why Discussing Pedophilia Eventually Winds Up With A Hitler Analogy

This post deals with some of the common reactions to pedophiles, such as, “pedophilia should be removed,” “pedophiles should get help,” and why such conversations usually end with a Hitler analogy.

14. Dolls, Manga, And Fictional Outlets For Pedophiles

This looks at several different areas of fictional fantasy material that pedophiles can use, and asks the question: Do these materials make children safer, or put them at risk? Do these materials help pedophiles, or is the issue not as simple as that?

15. Fact-Checking Snopes’ Fact-Check On Pedophilia

This fact-check analyzes Snopes’ discussion on pedophilia and suggests to Snopes that confusing sexual harm and sexual attraction is not proper for a fact-checker of their caliber.

16. Sex Addiction, Stigma, And Self-Hate

This article looks at the intriguing idea that addiction is more a belief and a hindrance to controlling one’s behavior than it is a barrier of itself, and how that belief can interfere with our ability to make wise choices.

17. Yes, I Did “Get Help!” Already

This article looks at my experience through therapy, what I learned, and more importantly, what a pedophile can expect by seeking professional help. If you have ever told a pedophile they need to get help, you may want to understand the sort of help professionals will give.

18. Readers Write: Sexual Attraction, Protecting Kids, Motivations For Abuse

This answers several questions posed by someone on Twitter about a variety of topics, including those in the title. It is a good overview for anyone unfamiliar with pedophilia or the basics of sex abuse prevention.

19. Challenging Negative Thoughts In The MAP Community

This article details several ways those with minor attraction can fight back against some of the internalized stigma and negativity that comes from having their attraction. You guys are my family.

20. The Complexities Of A Pedophile Coming Out

This article discusses some of the issues around pedophiles “coming out” to a friend or family member, and the reality of how people usually tend to react once you have figured out someone who is safe to tell. It also discusses how one might identify someone who is safe to tell.

21. Your Arguments Against Pedophiles… DEBUNKED!

This is a collection of arguments that people use against pedophiles, and why those arguments do not address the realities that pedophiles face.

22. Why Nathan Larson Does Not Represent Most Pedophiles

This article looks at some of the horrid views of Nathan Larson, and why most pedophiles want nothing to do with him.

23. LGBTQ+… And Pedophiles?

This article asks the question: Should pedophiles be part of the Pride movement?

24. Medium’s Censorship Of Sex Abuse Preventionists

This article details some of the reasoning why Medium shut down the free speech of people committed to keeping children safe from child sexual abuse, and why they were cowards to do so.

25. Twitter’s Hate Groups Harass Jack Dorsey

This article demonstrates some of the hatred that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is receiving from three hate groups, and why this hatred is nothing new with any of these groups.

26. Dr. Ford vs. Mr. Kavanaugh: A Moment In History For Sexual Assault Survivors Everywhere

This is a brief analysis of the testimonies given by Dr. Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh during Mr. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court bid, which later turned out to be successful, despite his horrid temperament.

27. Acceptance Is The Only Answer To Pedophilia

This article covers a lot of ground: What pedophilia is, why it cannot change, why acceptance is the only sensible answer, and why pedophiles – and society – would be better served by destigmatizing the sexual attraction to children so that more people can come forward for help.

28. Why I Put Pedophile In My Profile

This article simply discusses why I put pedophile in my Twitter profile, and what my goals are.

29. A Primary Prevention Advocate’s Rant

An article about why we are failing miserably to protect children from child sexual abuse and what you can do about it.

30. Pedophiles, Fantasy, Desire, And Rape

This article discusses the ethics around fantasy for pedophiles, building off of points made in several other articles.

31. Your Questions To Pedophiles, Answered

This article answers a wide variety of questions to pedophiles posed on Twitter.

32. Epstein and R. Kelly: How We React Is Wrong

This looks at some of the issues around sexual violence and describes how the media often gets high-profile cases wrong.


One thought on “Index Of Stories

  1. Thank you for thinking outside the box. You cover a lot of ground for people who can step back and think.
    When I was younger I was mortified about my thinking. I went to three therapy sessions. Rejected three times was insane to me. So keep helping with all you do and thank you again. w


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